Why Do Hasan Piker and Chris Have 9/11 In Common? | Chris Distefano is Chrissy Chaos | Ep. 170

In this episode:

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00:00 INTRO
05:33 The Young Turk
11:01 Hasan is JACKED Broh
19:50 Islam is the Answer for Chris
22:54 Bradley Martyn is Turning the Kids Gay!!!
28:30 Hasan calls out Schulz
29:34 Producer John kills himself.
33:17 Chris wants to dress like Hasan
42:44 POLITICS Babe
48:48 Dealing with Internet Hate
52:00 Kirk Myers / Dogpound
1:03:25 What will humanity regret?
1:05:53 Being American Sux.
1:09:53 Mike Cannon Calls In
1:18:22 VOICEMAILS – Chaos Hotline
1:26:02 Streaming is the Hardest Job in the World.
1:30:18 The KING of Late Night
1:30:56 Talking 9/11 Broh
1:33:37 Hasan’s Solution to SAVE AMERICA
1:37:48 Police Should Do Their Jobs
1:40:43 Guns Guns Guns
1:46:30 Homelessness
1:53:58 Chrissy’s Least Favorite Guests


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