Whitney & Grace O'Malley Are Wicked Gay For Each Other | Good For You | EP #239

In this episode:

Whitney Cummings has comedian Grace O’Malley (Barstool Sports, Plan Bri Uncut Podcast) return to the Good For You Podcast to get to know each other better before they head out on tour. Grace goes into being blown off by Tom Brady at the Netflix Roast, being offered to be in a fivesome with Gronk, comments from Stoolies, getting kicked out of an Improv group, dealing with trolls and so much more.

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00:00 The Self Tanner Situation
03:00 Getting Blown Off By Tom Brady At Netflix Is A Joke
12:10 Fivesome With Gronk & Ben Affleck’s Agenda
17:47 Comments From Stoolies
26:35 Dave Portnoy & O.J. Simpson
32:08 Anne Heche & Ivana Trump
37:09 Fortune Feimster & Brooklyn Shows
46:45 Use The Podcast To Get To Know You Better
52:54 Weird Things You Do When You’re Home Alone
57:11 In The Hallway With Chris Rock
1:02:00 Getting Kicked Out Of Improv
1:09:34 When You’re A Sincere Person

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