We Might Be Drunk Ep 65: I Donated

In this episode:

Drinking Homeschool bottled Negroni.

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0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Show Begins
4:40 Homeschool Negroni
7:50 Clubbing, Yuck
11:58 Boots
19:00 Alabama 4k
22:00 Harry Anderson NBC Said We Can’t Show It
26:31 Andy Dick
29:50 Sam’s Hotel Story
34:49 On Accident or By Accident?
35:29 Mark Peeve – Are You Available On April 3rd?
39:38 What Does Your Manager Do?
41:00 Sam Peeve – Doctor Says Wrong Word
44:35 Sam Peeve 2 – Reading Book While Walking
45:15 Sam Peeve 3 – Hitting Button On Elevator Again
48:05 Uber Pool
58:25 Jackie Chan Drunk
1:03:00 I Miss The Peanuts
1:03:30 Sam Rec – Pickles
1:05:43 Mark Rec – Turkey Meat
1:07:20 Sam Bit – Holocaust Undeniable
1:12:03 Mark’s Bit – Imigration Vs Adoption
1:17:20 Citizenship Test
1:21:53 Plug Dates
1:24:50 Merch! https://www.wemightbedrunkpod.com/store
1:25:25 Credits

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