We Might Be Drunk Ep 64: Judy Gold & Mexican Mules

We are joined by Judy Gold, visit https://judygold.com/

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Mexican Mule:
Ginger Beer

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New York, NY 10018

0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Show Begins
0:38 Welcome Judy Gold!
2:53 Mexican Mule
15:44 Does The Glass Make a Difference?
17:02 Shaken Not Stirred?
19:20 Crowd Work
20:59 Mark Burps and Farts
23:29 Shlomo Lipetz
26:32 Nobody Respects Comics
31:36 Mark Farts
38:59 Women In Comedy
52:46 Judy’s Podcast – Kill Me Now
59:01 Prince Andrew’s Teddy Bears
1:01:09 Bill Cosby
1:02:38 Joan Rivers
1:14:10 Roasts
1:18:45 Joan and Vine
1:27:17 Boozelers are Born
1:28:50 https://judygold.com/
1:29:55 Plug Dates
1:33:49 Credits

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