We Might Be Drunk Ep 62: Happy Valentine's

In this episode:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mark Normand and Sam Morril can be seen on the road at a club near you.

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0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Show Begins
6:15 Valentine’s Candy
8:14 Wedding Coming Up
9:40 New Orleans
12:03 Jim Jefferies
14:27 Whiskey Update
15:20 Mark’s Nipple
20:04 Chest Waxing
24:15 Rom-Coms
27:00 Deli Shoutout
29:43 The Upsell
31:23 Prostitutes
36:41 Sponsored Segment
42:08 Back To The Show
42:18 Sam Peeve – Advance Order Starbucks
47:19 Running
53:45 Tom Green
58:22 Mark Peeve – Not Listening to Answer
1:02:47 Mark Peeve 2 – You Might Be Right
1:04:08 Sam Peeve 2 – Call Me to an Email
1:05:09 RIP Louie Anderson
1:08:37 Taxi Clip – Driving Test
1:12:00 RFK
1:13:24 Mark Rec – Dick Gregory
1:15:25 Salacuse Rec – Cosby Doc
1:24:57 Mark’s Bit – Women Care About Decor but not their guy.
1:31:15 Sam’s Bit – What Would You Do
1:35:48 Tour Dates
1:37:27 MERCH http://www.WeMightBeDrunkPod.com

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