We Might Be Drunk Ep 61: Drunk-a-Roos

In this episode:

Mark Normand and Sam Morril can be seen on the road at a club near you.

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Gotham Podcast Studio
39 West 38th Street, 10th Fl
New York, NY 10018

0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Show Begins
1:16 Gal Gadot
5:00 Sex And The City
15:11 NYC: No Pandering
17:05 Homeless Stats
19:03 Beaches
20:50 Bernie Brillstein
24:00 Gary Gulman Rec
26:28 Things Are Changing
37:52 Questions
38:23 The Tube
39:34 Mark and Sam Impressions
41:47 Jimbo Slice
45:10 Sadie Mae
51:27 Michael Madsen
54:02 Ad Break
56:20 Back To The Show
57:56 Where Is Fat Cat!?
59:02 Peeve: Not Leaving Voicemails
1:01:15 Air B&B
1:05:40 Sam Rec – Talk To People
1:07:47 Mark Rec – Sesame Street Doc
1:10:06 Mark Peeve – Upset You’re Not Early
1:11:25 Sam Bit – Masterbation
1:13:16 Mark Bit – Good Stuff Is Hard, Bad Stuff Is Easy
1:17:20 Plugs
1:19:30 Credits

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