We Might Be Drunk Ep 57: Coquito

In this episode:

Coquito Recipe:
14 oz Condensed milk
16 oz Rum
2 Egg yolks
28 oz Coconut milk
Vanilla, to taste

RIP to Bob Saget, America’s dad and a very funny man. Prayers for his family in this time of grief. Comedy lost a big one today.

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0:00 Music
0:20 Show Begins
3:52 Guest Bartender @JaimeSamanthaLinn
5:53 Coquito
9:02 Attell at Carolines
10:30 Cheers
12:01 Sam Peeve
17:19 Weed Talk
20:20 Woke Hollywood
23:12 WWE
28:52 Gas Prices Are Too High!
30:22 Jeremy Strong
34:52 Billions
37:27 Cuomo
38:26 Ad Time
40:14 Back To The Show
41:42 Subway Sucks
45:52 Go-To Sammy
48:09 Sam Rec – Winter Soups
51:02 Johnny Damon
55:23 Chilly Bartender
58:20 SPACE
1:00:20 Mark Peeve – Not Drunk Enough
1:03:30 Short Guy Problems
1:09:40 Mark’s Rec – Where’d I Go Right?
1:13:25 Salacuse Rec – Licorice Pizza
1:16:28 Patron New Drink
1:22:42 Meeting Seinfeld
1:25:38 Mark’s On Netflix! Get On It!
1:26:13 Sam at Beacon : https://www.ticketmaster.com/event/3B005B88C0DA20F5
1:27:58 Tour Dates
1:30:11 Jaime plugs
1:30:27 Credits

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