We Might Be Drunk Ep 50: Hot Toddy’s w/ Tom Thakkar

Tom Thakkar! http://www.TomThakkar.com

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Hot Toddy: Bourbon, Honey, Apple Cider, Lemon, Cinnamon Stick Garnish, served warm.

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0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Show Begins
1:36 Hot Toddy
3:50 Sex Toys
8:16 Prison Gay?
10:55 Act Poor/Stay Rich
18:29 Cabin In The Woods
23:28 Tom’s Pod “Stand By Your Band”
27:40 Movies
31:38 Malcolm Gladwell
35:42 Deli Meat
42:52 Soul Man Movie
44:38 Thanksgiving Ranks
1:04:28 Thanksgiving Memories
1:06:50 Thanksgiving Movies
1:13:25 Tom’s Rec – Japanese Breakfast
1:15:55 Tom’s Rec – Landlady
1:16:30 Biscoff
1:17:20 Sam Rec – Everything Bagel Seasoning
1:23:28 Tom’s Bit – Make You Beat Me Up
1:26:05 Sam’s Bit – Bose and 9/11
1:27:05 Mark’s Bit – Blind Dicks
1:29:34 Tour Dates – https://www.tomthakkar.com/
1:35:07 Boll and Branch – Promo Code “DRUNK”
1:36:39 BetterHelp.com/DRUNK
1:38:24 Brian Cox Book Quotes
1:40:44 Show End

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