We Might Be Drunk Ep 44: Placenta on Ice

In this episode:

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Clover Club Recipe: 3 oz Gin, Raspberry Syrup, lemon, egg white

0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Show Begins
2:45 We Lost Matt
5:09 Drinks Clover Club
11:40 Movie Talk
15:09 Sam Rec – Ted Lasso
20:38 Pornstars
27:01 Moontown
28:27 You’re Welcome
35:05 Sheath Underwear Promo Code “DRUNK”
37:28 Sophie’s Cans
39:46 Mark’s Rec – Buying Bulk
44:30 Documentaries
49:30 Sam Peeve – Male Privilege
55:13 Guests
1:01:28 Mark Peeve – Teeth Issues
1:14:17 Toast to Customer Service
1:16:20 Schumer’s Wedding
1:33:45 Sam’s Bit – Hold in Farts not Feelings
1:36:30 Mark’s Bit – Used Sex Dolls
1:42:02 Tour Dates
1:45:05 Credits

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