We Might Be Drunk Ep 43: Juiced Up

In this episode:

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0:00 Music
0:20 Show Begins
2:06 Shots
7:12 Crunchy or Creamy?
11:55 Clip It
12:13 Roy Wood Jr. – Get Him On Here
12:53 Gay Dracula?
14:09 Good Diners
16:43 Vampire Talk
18:41 What is Queer
19:21 Sal Shaved
22:23 Catching Nazis
24:50 Dangerfield and Reagan
27:34 Rickles and Reagan
37:48 Great Story For You
38:28 Sam Peeve – Hey Buddy
41:28 Acting Sexy
45:25 My Bookie promo code “DRUNK”
46:47 Lucy.co promo code “DRUNK”
48:17 Mark Peeve – Guy Trying to Be Part Of It
52:28 Mark Rec – Stretch Every Morning
57:12 Mark Rec – Wash Your Hair Less
59:44 Sam Bit – Trans/Captain
1:11:23 Marks Bit – The Exit Row
1:13:41 Marks Second Bit – Relationship Ref
1:19:38 Elon Musk
1:23:18 Sam Comes Clean
1:23:44 Tour Dates
1:26:36 Credits

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