We Might Be Drunk Ep 42: Mojito Bros

In this episode:

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0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Show Starts
3:40 Drinks Mojito
5:31 Cheers
7:20 Sushi Epidemic
8:17 Norm Talk
15:09 Set Falling Apart
18:24 Don Draper effect
22:12 Karen Alert
23:18 Sam Peeve Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
26:35 Cereal
34:06 Blenders
38:11 How Do You Make Your Money?
40:09 Mark Peeve – The G.O.A.T. doesn’t exist
42:23 BetterHelp.com/DRUNK
44:14 SheathUnderwear.com Promo Code “DRUNK”
45:42 Mark Peeve – Taking before Asking
47:45 Vider Story
50:35 Full Capacity Doc on YouTube
51:33 Sam Peeve – I’m Tired
52:39 Getting into a butthole
53:24 Mark Peeve – Turning In Early
55:36 Mark Rec/Life Hack – Steal
57:45 Bidet
1:04:07 Chuck Berry – Camera Trouble
1:06:22 Mark’s Bit – Gay or not Gay
1:11:57 Sam’s Bit – Canceled vs. Cancer
1:15:07 Tour Dates
1:17:18 Credits

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