We Might Be Drunk Ep 37: Martini Time

In this episode:

It’s Martini Time, thanks to Dan for making up some delicious drinks.
Thanks to Matt and Gotham for hosting.

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New York NY 10018

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Show Begins
1:49 Martini Time
2:12 Cheers
4:26 Three Dogs Pickles https://threedogspickles.com/
7:07 Val Doc
12:33 Mark texts Seinfeld
14:04 Sam texts Leno
16:45 Comedy Fashion
22:47 Mark drops a bomb
25:48 Mark’s Car Commercial https://www.ispot.tv/ad/7CLI/toyota-comedy-central-featuring-mark-normand
28:57 Sam Peeve – Letting someone cut ahead at bathroom
33:19 Sam Peeve 2 – Taking the blame for someone else’s smell
39:12 Cover Songs better than original
40:58 Mark Peeve – Minor Details Off
43:50 Malice in the Palace
47:44 Why are the Knicks Bad?
50:14 Argyle Wine
54:49 Sheath Underwear Promo Code Drunk
55:50 Mark Rec – Electric Toothbrush
58:14 Sam Rec – I Think You Should Leave
1:00:52 Sam’s Bit – “I’ll Play Along”
1:03:13 Mark’s Bit – Global Warming and Balding
1:07:07 Candy Crush
1:08:00 Plug Dates
1:10:20 Credits

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