We Might Be Drunk Ep 35: Paper Plane

In this episode:

Sam and Mark back in studio and Dan behind the bar making some drinks.


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0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Show Begins
3:20 Long Island will kill ya
4:48 Toast
5:36 Paper Plane
7:26 Worst Woman Ever : https://youtu.be/6QzSNzMRMhY
12:57 Movie Talk – Alien
15:40 Perfect Mix for a good audience
17:15 Sean Murphy : https://tinyurl.com/murphcomedy
19:10 Ed Norton Movie Talk
20:35 The Friend you have to defend
25:42 Shoutout to Paper Plane
29:00 Marks Physical
32:10 Scent of a Woman
34:29 Sam Rec – The Undoing
35:00 Animal House vs. Caddyshack
36:58 Rick and Morty
38:50 Outta Right Field?
42:05 Sam Can’t Ride a Bike
43:08 Sam shaving trouble
44:20 Mark Peeve – Lamps
47:15 Mark is Paranoid
51:00 NYC can be embarrassing
54:17 Chappelle Story
57:14 Sam Peeves
1:00:12 Free Healthcare
1:04:53 Sam’s Bit
1:08:42 Sheath Underwear Spot promo code Drunk 20% off
1:12:04 Pretty Privilege
1:17:34 Tour Dates
1:20:20 Credits

Thanks to Dan for making drinks for us and Gotham for hosting.

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