We Might Be Drunk Ep 34: A Bar is Born

In this episode:

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The bar is here, thank you all for your donations to the decor.
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0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Show Starts
1:12 Bartender Dan intro SugarLoaf2192 on IG
1:39 Movie Talk Starts
2:37 Milius Convo
5:19 Mark is Engaged!
7:01 Drinks Served Amaretto & Bourbon Sour
9:09 Cheers
10:05 Uncle Sal and his Chair
15:58 Big Timing Burr
17:00 Top 5 Sucks
18:02 Biles and Mental Health
19:11 Mark Burp 1
28:37 Sam Rec – Taking of Pelham 123
29:11 Mark Burp 2
30:05 Mark Rec – Airborne
33:07 WMBD brought to you by Honey, visit JoinHoney.com/Drunk
34:46 Show is Back
34:50 Mark Peeve – Offering something and upset when turned down
38:09 Sam Rec – The Big Goodbye Book
42:38 Nicholson
48:20 Sam Peeve – Do Not Disturb sign falling
49:55 Semen Segment
54:19 RIP Jackie Mason
56:24 Netflix Plug
57:32 The Pod is Cookin’!
58:13 Sam Bit – Indians become Guardians
1:05:16 Mark Bit – Revisionist History
1:11:37 Plug Gigs
1:12:54 Credits

Thanks to Salacuse for Googling, Dan for making us great drinks, Matt for producing/editing the show and Gotham for hosting.

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