We Might Be Drunk Ep 32: Pamplemousse

In this episode:

Episode 32 We Might Be Drunk Podcast brought to you by Sheath Underwear.
Join us for more antics at Patreon.com/WeMightBeDrunkPod

We are in a temp studio at Gotham while the bar studio is under construction.
The new studio will have a permanent mic for the third chair. Worry not!

0:00 Music
0:21 Show Starts
2:10 Fireworks Talk
3:22 Drink Intro
4:10 Sam’s Peeve (Attack Pranks)
9:50 The Quirk Flip
12:20 Pamplemousse
13:47 Colin Quinn
16:35 Send Us Stuff – New Studio Build
17:00 Mark Burp 1
18:10 Stand Up Scottsdale
23:49 Mark Burp 2
24:14 Jon Taffer @BarRescue
26:39 Movie Talk
29:00 Sam Rec (Mare of Easttown)
35:04 Hacks TV Show
39:56 @danieltosh6102 Bit
42:05 Mark Peeve (Eye Roll Disapproval)
44:42 Mark Rec (Banana & Plank)
45:18 Sheath Underwear Promo Code DRUNK
46:19 Show Restart
48:46 Mark Twerking
49:37 TikTok Explained by Millennials
51:10 Mark’s Bit (Hungover/Elderly)
55:00 Sam’s Bit (Lookism)
1:01:45 Everyone has a pod
1:06:33 Plug Tour Dates
1:08:30 What’s in the BOX!
1:10:54 Mountain Talk
1:13:50 End Credits

If you have anything you want us to put on the new bar set mail them to:

Gotham Podcast Studio
39 West 38th Street, 10W
New York, NY 10018

Thanks to Gotham for hosting, Salacuse for being our Google and all of you for supporting!

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