We Might Be Drunk Ep 31: High West Is The Best

In this episode:

We Might Be Drunk Podcast with Sam Morril and Mark Normand.
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0:00 Intro Music
0:21 Episode Start
1:00 High West Whiskey – Campfire
3:05 Green Hulk Pills
4:44 Sopranos Movie
8:14 The Irishman Talk
9:30 Comedy Clubs
12:41 Seinfeld Heckler
18:40 A Place At The Table
19:43 Rec Center Rec
24:55 West Village New Times Square
27:41 Sam Toas – Conan O’Brien @TeamCoco
31:17 Mark Burp 1
34:28 Late Night Censorship
39:22 Sam and Mark as Simpsons Characters
40:53 Liberty & State Suits
42:03 Honey Ad – JoinHoney.com/DRUNK
43:43 Mark Peeve – Language Barrier at the Barber
48:25 Sam Peeve – Realistic Nightmares
48:32 Mark Burp 2
51:31 Sam Peeve – Apple
55:19 When you rent a car do you get insurance?
56:07 Mark Peeve 2 – Given a gift and instructions
1:02:47 Sam Rec – Nice Luggage Briggs & Riley https://amzn.to/3hVkHva
1:04:17 Mark Rec – The Fabulous Allan Carr Doc
1:07:55 What is New Zealand?
1:11:51 Cindy Crawford Talk
1:14:05 Mark’s Bit
1:19:46 Mark Rec “Good Time” movie
1:21:00 Sam’s Bit
1:24:00 Tour Dates
1:25:34 Mark Burp 3


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