We Might Be Drunk Ep 29 – The Return of Orange Wine

In this episode:

Sam and Mark compromise and crack a bottle of Orange Wine on today’s episode. Things get nutty towards the end as the wine starts to hit. Head over the the Patreon to hear the bonus from this one.


This episode is brought to you by Sheath Underwear, use promo code DRUNK for 20% off your first order, SheathUnderwear.com

0:00 Intro
0:20 Episode Start
1:35 Cheers – Orange Wine
2:52 Sex Story
6:29 Toobin
10:28 Mark Burp 1
13:54 Sports (Suns in 4)
15:07 Heckler Story (Luis Gomez)
16:15 (not)Getting Paid from Comedy Clubs
18:53 Slimy Hot White Guys (Fyre Fest/WeWork)
19:27 Entourage Talk
23:24 Eastbound and Down
29:16 Inside Comedy
33:16 Mark Burp 2
34:49 Peeve (how do you feel that went and you’re welcome)
37:56 Rye name announcement!
40:30 Toast (positive people)
44:51 Rec (Book The Black and the Blue https://tinyurl.com/BlackandtheBlue)
48:20 Rec (Tom Delgado YouTube Channel @tomdnyc )
50:09 Toast (artificial plants)
52:19 Sheath Underwear Promo Code DRUNK for 20% off
52:31 Mark shows off his Sheath Underwear
54:25 Sam’s Bit (Cop Joke)
59:41 Salacuse Mention
1:00:32 Mark’s Bit (Female Shooter)
1:01:22 Mark Burp 2
1:07:55 Movie Talk (1917)
1:10:42 Pacino Talk
1:12:31 Philip Seymour Hoffman vs. James Gandolfini
1:16:21 Plug Tour Dates


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