We Might Be Drunk 63: Sal Vulcano & Suntory

We got Sal Vulcano with us this week, grab tickets to see him on the road at SalVulcanoComedy.com Check out his pods, @TasteBudsPod and @HeyBabepod
On @NoPreshNetwork

*all content in this podcast is for comedy purposes and not to be taken seriously. It’s jokes!*

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Outro Music from Ugly Smile Band https://uglysmile.bandcamp.com/album/year-i

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Gotham Podcast Studio
39 West 38th Street, 10th Fl
New York, NY 10018

0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Show Begins
1:46 What Happened to Sisqo
4:30 Suntory Japanese Whiskey
7:45 Mark’s Drug Story
13:30 Sal Does Shrooms
16:48 Death Therapy
18:30 EMDR
21:53 Sal Is So Busy
27:00 Sam Peeve – Generic Repeated Statements
29:55 Sal Hits the Porn Lottery
36:38 Sal’s Peeves : Traffic, sweat, the common cold, strong wind, bugs, cats, pointy objects, general filth littering
37:38 Fame Isn’t Great Anymore
39:22 Lady Gaga’s Dogs
40:47 Sam’s Rec – If They Have A Gun Don’t Fight Back
42:07 “The Tinder Swindler”
46:34 West Elm Caleb
49:44 Taste Buds
54:27 Finding New Fruit
59:24 Pizza Vs. Christmas
1:02:42 Mark’s Ferry Show
1:09:03 Ferry Memories
1:12:30 Mark’s Credit Card
1:17:12 Quantas Sucks!
1:21:47 Be Nice To People
1:25:40 Sal Rec – Ask for Discounts
1:26:55 Mark Rec – 100% Discount
1:36:54 Baseball Card Story
1:40:42 Plug Dates

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