We Might Be Drunk 60: Wil Sylvince Pixelated

Sharing a drink with Wil Sylvince https://www.wilsylvince.com/
A lot of censoring our search history on this one.

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New York, NY 10018

0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Show Begins
3:17 Epstein
4:45 Photoshop Request email to WeMightBeDrunkPod@gmail.com
8:02 What Shape Is An Egg?
10:42 Micro Machine
12:00 Ask For Help
13:41 Chicks Like The Grey
18:53 Kat Williams
34:22 Catherine Zeta Jones, Who?
37:53 Jack Nicholson & Amanda Peet
51:03 Bed Humping
52:00 Ad Break
53:41 Back To The Show
1:00:53 Brooklyn & East New York
1:10:48 Wil Peeve – Saying The Same Thing Over and Over
1:13:28 Racism in Stand-Up
1:21:38 Sam Self Peeve – “I Will Say This”
1:22:00 Mark Peeve – Making A Point
1:22:34 Wil Peeve – Guys Encouraging You To Check Out Hot Girl
1:27:15 Sam Rec – Frozen Grapes
1:28:10 Wil Rec – Hold Your Breath Avoid Covid (allegedly)
1:32:05 Pegging
1:37:12 Mark Bit – Rapping/Mobster Snitching
1:38:56 Mark Raps
1:40:14 Wil’s Bit – Antidepressants & Pee
1:42:21 Sam’s Bit – Scottish Anti-Trans
1:49:15 Weiner’s Weiner
1:52:00 Tour Dates
1:56:30 Credits – A Night Alone by TrackTribe

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