Tuesdays With Stories w/ Mark Normand & Joe List #496 Bicepsual

In this episode:

Wooooo! The boys are HOT off their sweet, sweet Gramercy show and they’re feeling good!
Mark’s having a breakfast with the big man. We don’t want to blow the surprise so let’s just call him Serry Jeinfeld. It’s happening, baby – and we get the reeeeal dirt, as opposed to the little tease that we talked about at the live show. After the comedy high, Mark has a vehicular low when his classic car starts giving him a fewwwwww speedbumps. Then he meets a fan as the fan is getting arrested for being a little … punchy.
Finally, Joe gets into his special taping at the Village Underground – what went wrong, what went right? We’re getting INTO IT! It’s Tuesdays!

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