Tuesdays With Stories w/ Mark Normand & Joe List #477 Deep Waters with Ari Shaffir – Pt. 1

*Episode was re-exported/re-uploaded due to some people having audio issues on Youtube*

Ari Shaffir – “Jew” is available here: https://youtu.be/y2YtIBYM4w0

Mark and Joe open up the show by lamenting having non-teacher adults in classrooms. Who are they?! Nobody knows! If you know, please don’t reach out.
Then – a fourth boy joins Mark, Joe and Chuck in the room – Ari Shaffir jumps in between the gays! That’s right! Ari Shaffir saw the comments about how much the listeners do NOT want guests so he decided to make them upset.
Ari also has a new special Ari Shaffir – Jew. So he’s here to breakdown Mark’s upcoming wedding plans with the boys!
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