Trevor Wallace & The Nickelodeon Scandal | The Tim Dillon Show #385

In this episode:

Tim talks with comedian Trevor Wallace about influencers in the military, the suburbs, what kids are being taught in preschool, saving Hollywood and the new Nickelodeon abuse documentary.

00:00 Unalive
05:05 Military & AI influencers
11:22 Have Your Colonizer Pay For It
14:12 What’s Next For You
16:30 Male Fanbase
21:16 Influencers & Intellectuals
24:07 LA Doesn’t Have A Great Buzz
32:17 Hard To Suspend Disbelief
36:14 Growing Up In Camarillo/Long Island Is The Worst Collection Of Human Beings
39:03 Nickelodeon Scandal
56:17 If The Kids Therapist Doesn’t Want Him There

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