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This week Chris is telling you the history about THE BATTLE OF BROOKLYN!! We’re talking my favorite wooden tooth Homie, who was a short king that led a victorious battle in my favorite island, 
Remember, we’re the 13 Colonies and we got King George the 3rd telling us what’s happening, what’s good. We go to war with against the French, and we win it! But we’re in debt which causes a King Georgie number 3 to raise the taxes. We don’t know why we got to be taxed so we start a war!
The revolutionary war starts and we fight the British for freedom babes! One of Chrissy’s favorite battles was the Battle of Brooklyn!

This was the first major battle of the war after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The battle took place in what is now the borough of Brooklyn in NYC, and pitted the Continental Army, led by General George Washington, against the British Army, led by General William Howe.
The battle began with a surprise attack by the British on the American positions, which were poorly defended. The British were able to outflank the Americans and force them to retreat to their main fortifications on Brooklyn Heights. Despite heavy losses, the Americans were able to hold their position and repel several British assaults.
The American defense collapsed, and the Continental Army was forced to retreat across the East River .. thank god there was some FOG!!

Shout out George W for being a badass leader! We may have lost the greatest land in the whole world  for a brief time to the British and lost the battle, but we didn’t lose men! THE BOYS ENDED UP WINNING THE WAR, so eff you 1700s Britain  🙆🏼‍♂️


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