The TRUTH about Dunkirk – Christories | History Lessons with Chris Distefano ep 14

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This week Christories is about the Battle of DUNKIRK! We’re talking Nazi Germany vs. the French & British, lightning warfare, and how the good guys jumped on some fishing boats to escape the crystal meth NAzis!   – the Battle of Dunkirk! Nazi Germany was on the rise after WWI where they got screwed over by the Treaty of Versalles and they decided to expand their territories to win some money back.

World War II starts and we got Axis vs Allies. We’re not even a year into the war and Germany launches a Blitzkrieg in May of 1940 invading Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. Blitzkrieg is German for “Lightning War”
War in France starts and there are about 338,000 French🇫🇷, British🇬🇧 ,Belgian🇧🇪, and Canadian🇨🇦 soldiers gathered and the Germans are attacking them all! Winston Churchill starts bugging out on the French leaders and says we need don’t know.

British Forces planned to get the boys out from Dunkirk to England Now, thousands of British and French troops sat on the beaches waiting for a rescue attempt. They ended up getting the boys out of there which thank god because the war would have been over just as it begun.
Shout out the allies🙌
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