The TRUTH about An American Traitor : Benedict Arnold – Christories | History Lessons – ep 22

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This week on Christories, we’re talking about the AN AMERICAN TRAITOR Benedict Arnold! Benedict Arnold was an American military officer during the Revolutionary War. He achieved early success and was a hero at the Battle of Saratoga. However, feeling unappreciated, he turned traitor in 1780 and conspired to surrender West Point to the British. His plan was foiled, and he fled to join the British Army. Benedict Arnold’s name is now synonymous with betrayal in American history. DO YOU THINK HE’S A TRAITOR? OR DID HE HAVE TO DO WHAT HE HAD TO DO!!?? TELL US IN THE COMMENTS BABES! πŸ™Œ

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Welcome to Christories where comedian Chris Distefano tells you about a time in history. We uncover the REAL TRUTHS in World History that you may have not known about!

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Christories Disclaimer* it is important to note that Christories knowledge and understanding of historical events, facts, and figures may not be 100% accurate or complete! Note that information in this episode has been lightly researched and we encourage you to to continue your learning outside of this episode too Babes!


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