Steve-O Breaks Down The Israeli–Palestinian Conflict | Chris Distefano is Chrissy Chaos | Ep. 145

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Steve-O comes to the Chaos studios with Chris Distefano and Mike Cannon to talk about a whole buncha stuff. You wouldn’t expect an interview with Steve-O to start with “while doing my YouTube research on Iran last night” but OH BOY did it! Steve-O also spoke about where all the jokes from his latest special came from, how some of these were even in the workings since he was 12 years old. Chris and Mike ask about his most dangerous stunts, times he thought he could die and his battle with addictions. The biggest mystery of the day was solved when Chris called his girl to find out about a little encounter they had at Spring Break many moons ago.

Steve O’s Bucket List is now available at in partnership with Moment and Patreon.

If you thought Steve-O was crazy before, then get ready for his unrated Steve-O’s Bucket List, his new stand up special filmed in front of a sold-out London crowd. With a complete disregard for societal norms, laws, and his own well-being, Steve-O is in top form as he brings his multimedia comedy tour straight into your living room with his hilarious stand-up and stunts deemed “too extreme” for Jackass… oh, yeah… and it’s a love story too! Steve-O’s Bucket List not only pushes him to his limits but also finds him his ‘happily ever after’ that will melt your heart or passed out on the floor.

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