Richard Jefferson Says The Knicks Are CLOSE To A Championship | Chris Distefano Mike Cannon| Ep. 156

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NBA Champion Richard Jefferson joins the show to talk with Chris about his career, who is the goat between Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Lebron James, what it’s like juggling family life and the grind of an NBA schedule, trash talking, and they listen to one of your phone calls!

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00:00 – Richard Jefferson, PAC 10 Hall of Famer and NEW JERSEY Net
01:45 – What Are The Meadowlands?
3:45 – Being a pro athlete in the social media era
7:45 – How Playoff money works
10:15 – Staying in the NBA
12:45 – Missing your kids on the road
13:55 – Vito’s baby teeth
15:00 – Rushing home to see your kids
17:10 – RJ’s feet
18:45 – Wh is the GOAT?
24:17 – Winning a championship in Cleveland
26:15 – The Knicks are a Piece away from a championship contender
30:00 – NBA Players don’t care what you think
32:15 – Group chat are dangerous
38:55 – RJ’s tattoo
50:05 – Keith Van Horn
45:00 – Voicemail
51:15 – John’s Baby Update
53:15 – Trash talk in the NBA
58:15 – Getting screamed at by Lebron James


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