Reddit Prison Planet, Miami Aliens? & We Get Up In Ya Gutz | Chris Distefano Chrissy Chaos | Ep 153

In this episode:

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The two fine gentlemen that are Chris Distefano and Mike Cannon got together and really want to help fix your guts people! Chris shares a story about subway poop horrors AND a possibly even MORE terrifying story of a wet fart. The duo also contemplate reality when discussing the Reddit prison planet, how to get into heaven, self sabotage and more!

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0:00 – Gut Health
9:00 – The Gang Tries To Guess 30 Plants
19:50 – Homeless Woman Shit on the Train
24:00 – Self Sabatoge
35:00 – Dealing with Loneliness
44:00 – Reddit Prison Planet
47:00 – Are we living in a simulation
52:30 – Miami Police Video
53:00 – Fart Story


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