Rachel Feinstein Keeps Getting Hotter | Good For You | EP #243

Rachel Feinsten joins Good For You to talk about the perks of being married to a fireman, her new stand up special “Big Guy,” and her and Whitney’s shared disdain for art museums and monuments.

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0:25 Intro
2:25 Rachel’s type
4:00 Being with someone that’s different from you is great for Comedy writing
5:50 How much disagreement is healthy in a relationship?
7:50 C-Sections
12:35 Whitney’s birth story
23:50 You’re supposed to have a firefighter install your carseat?
29:47 Rachel Feinstein’s new special: Big Guy
31:05 Rachel and Whitney hate museums
38:17 Nothing is sketchier than a billionaire dating an age appropriate woman
40:05 Monuments are stupid
48:00 Mixing and matching jewelry
50:33 Lying about Santa and adopting Christian and Catholic things as an adult
54:30 The only thing worse than a bad father is a good father
58:00 Q&A

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