P. Diddy & The Loneliness Plague | The Tim Dillon Show #386

In this episode:

Tim wades into the P. Diddy trafficking allegations, promiscuity, Legos on suspects’ faces, Taylor Swift at Nobu, a drag show for Palestine and why being alone is the next epidemic.

00:00 P. Diddy In Hot Water With The Federal Government
07:30 Justin Bieber’s 48 Hours with P. Diddy
09:35 What Does That Even Mean?
12:45 Son Of An OnlyFans Model
17:13 Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Leonardo DiCaprio & Robert DeNiro Walk Into A Nobu
19:09 Lego Asked California Police To Stop Using Lego Heads On Mugshots
25:31 Drag Show For Palestine
30:09 The Loneliness Plague
44:13 Jared Kushner’s Gaza Waterfront Property
47:49 Sociopath Essay
56:51 We Don’t Care About Jeremy Strong Anymore
58:30 See Me Live!
59:47 Threat Level In France
1:01:06 Cured Loneliness & P. Diddy’s Third Act

American Royalty Tour
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