Orthodox Tunnels, High Mortgages & Baby Daddys | Chris Distefano & Mike Cannon Chrissy Chas | Ep 154

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Chris and Mike are wearing timbs and talking trash on everything from miscarriages, dudes getting 5 girls pregnant at the same time, how to be a good parent, Alec Baldwin, Sean Strickland and the tunnels living below the streets of Brooklyn!

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00:00 – Dates
01:46 -Wearing Timbs, Is The Achilles Gay?
08:16 – Feeling Bad About Yourself
12:30 – Aunt Mickey
15:00 – Sitting and Talking To your kids
19:00 – Miscarriages
24:13  – Guy gets 5 women pregnant at same time
30:00 – There’s always People in Worse Situations
34:30 – Alec Baldwin’s Summer House
36:55 – It’s All Hyperbole Folks
38:10 – Mortgage Rates, Renting vs Buying
47:18 – Parent of the Week
56:20 – Vito’s Baby Teeth
59:00 – The Jewish Tunnels in Brooklyn
1:01:00 – Kevin Spacey thinks House of Cards is real
1:04:00 – The ebbs and flows of life
1:06:00 – Sean Strickland vs reporter


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