Nateland | Second Best – The Best-of Nateland Pt. 2

Hello Folks! Can you believe this month marks two years since we launched the Nateland Podcast? This week, we’re looking back at some of the funniest moments, memorable mispronunciations and surprise announcements that made year two so special.

0:00 – The Hello Folks vs Let’s go folks! debate
7:13 – Does Nate have dyslexia?
9:50 – Brian’s high school memories
12:35 – Aaron’s gout scare and Colgate or Cortisol?
15:30 – The world’s greatest Peanut Butter salesman
19:00 – Generational hearing test
21:40 – Jon Reep’s NFL end zone dance incident
27:45 – Birth of the dinosaurs
30:16 – Horse divorces
38:00 – Brian is a crowd work master and Nate’s notes
43:00 – Thyme traveller and Brian’s big news
49:13 – Don’t let Nic drive and figures of speech
56:37 – Twilight Masters and confident sitters
1:01:03 – Nate at the Grammys
1:05:49 – The syrup incident revealed
1:07:00 – Nateland’s big addition!
1:12:35 – Hey Bear!

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