Nateland | Ep #97 – Books

What was the first book ever written? How many books are there in the entire world? What is the best selling book of all time? These are just some of the questions the guys try to answer this week as they discuss books. Brian decided to sit this one out because he knew all the answers so Nate and Aaron are joined by fellow comedian Justin Smith.

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0:00 – How do you smile?
6:43 – Comment Roundup
18:05 – Would Nate try out for SNL?
21:00 – Nate’s USO shows in Iraq
39:39 – Is ‘Too Soon?’ acceptable?
57:12 – Last book you read?
1:05:53 – Top selling books of all time
1:17:00 – Fastest reader in the world and reading facts
1:31:00 – How does a new word get into a dictionary?
1:43:33 – What place reads the most and the most bizarre book.
1:50:35 – Aaron wrote a book as a kid.

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Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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