Nateland | Ep #9 – Television

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What’s your favorite TV show of all time? This episode, we talk about television. The guys discuss the history of television, memorable moments in television history, their favorite shows and so much more. We also welcome our 1st guest: Vandy golf’s John Augenstein (

1:00 – Comment Roundup
28:34 – Nateland’s 1st Guest! And golf talk!
41:00 – Bonding over Seinfeld and old tv shows
46:07 – History of the Television and TV facts & moments
1:04:15 – VHS and Blockbuster Video
1:07:24 – Nate’s Socially Distanced movie experience
1:15:09 – Jumping the Shark
1:21:13 – Nate’s first memorable tv sports moment
1:27:22 – Nate’s job recycling tires
1:31:10 – Nielsen Ratings explained
1:42:00 – Our favorite tv shows
1:53:02 – Top 2 favorite tv comedy shows (The Office)
2:03:21 – Talking Seinfeld – Our favorite episodes
2:22:49 – Most watched tv events of all time

Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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