Nateland | Ep #89 – Founding Fathers & The Supreme Court

On this week’s podcast, the guys get a lesson in American history as they learn about our Founding Fathers and the US Supreme Court. 

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0:00 – Comment Roundup
9:44 – Is standup comedy art?
22:40 – Entertaining our wives
40:22 – The Founding Fathers
51:38 – John Hancock’s signature
58:19 – Benjamin Franklin would be Nate’s friend
1:05:55 – George Washington and the Constitution
1:17:25 – The POTUS
1:24:20 – I know it when I hear it
1:36:22 – The Supreme Court
1:46:05 – How does the Supreme Court choose cases?
1:57:20 – The road to the Supreme Court

Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze
Recording & Editing by Genovations Media
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