Nateland | Ep #88 – Dinosaurs ft. Dusty Slay

On this week’s episode, we’re discussing dinosaurs with special guest Dusty Slay. The guys set science back 65 million years by debating whether dinosaurs had a brain in their butt, the difference between an asteroid and a meteor, and whether the game Marco Polo was actually named after the explorer Marco Polo.

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0:00 – Comment Roundup
9:50 – How do you work out new jokes?
19:00 – Embarrassing on stage stories
35:56 – Dusty Slay on Netflix’s The Standups Season 3
40:13 – Our personal love of dinosaurs
50:46 – Dinosaur facts
1:01:56 – Dinosauroids – half human, half dinosaur
1:10:30 – Cryptozoology
1:19:10 – Mentions of dinosaurs in the Bible
1:28:50 – Dinosaur artifacts and resurrecting dinosaurs
1:37:50 – Were pterodactyls dinosaurs or birds?
1:43:00 – Brian and Dusty’s net worth

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Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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