Nateland | Ep #82 – Water Fountains, Taco Bell & Field of Dreams

This week, the guys try a new format of discussing a variety of topics. Aaron tells us about visiting the Field of Dreams and finds no corn, Brian shares his struggles of drinking from a water fountain as a youth, and Nate questions Taco Bell’s new subscription service and hopes an asteroid hits us before this episode is released. 

0:00 – Snow days in Nashville
9:50 – Comment roundup
13:55 – Water fountain stories
36:50 – Nate revisits his Chicago comedy roots
46:56 – Aaron visits the Field of Dreams
52:10 – Visiting the Breaking Bad locations
1:15:33 – Trying out a new Nateland format
1:24:10 – Taco Bell’s new subscription plan
1:33:03 – The asteroid passing by Earth soon
1:40:15 – VR headsets on cows
1:44:36 – Crazy vacation stories about Leonardo DiCaprio
1:50:33 – What famous people would you want to meet?

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