Nateland | Ep #76 – The Universe ft. Nic Novicki

On this week’s episode, Nic Novicki returns to share some legendary stories of driving, cooking, and an awkward first date. Plus, we discuss parallel universes, glitches in the matrix, and time travel as we take a look at the universe.

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0:00 – Nic Novicki returns!
6:44 – Comment roundup
22:31 – What’s the off stage light for at comedy shows?
39:00 – The Nic cooking with no clothes on story
48:38 – Nate gets nominated for a Critics Choice award!
57:00 – Nic’s awkward first date story
1:04:02 – The pale blue dot and measuring light years
1:18:00 – Living in a simulation and glitches in the matrix
1:23:55 – Parallel universes
1:30:10 – Is time travel possible?
1:35:45 – How will the universe end?

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Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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