Nateland | Ep #72 – Seinfeld ft. Mark Normand

Since we’re often called a podcast about nothing and since we quote Seinfeld episodes almost every week, we decided to do an entire episode about our favorite sitcom. This week we’re joined by fellow comedian and Seinfeld enthusiast @marknormand to geek out about all things #Seinfeld. 

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0:00 – Mark Normand ( sits in this week
11:50 – Nate opening for Paul Mooney
19:15 – Lance Armstrong and Seinfeld
20:30 – Comment Roundup
28:00 – Mark’s Jerry Seinfeld stories
42:44 – The Seinfeld show
52:39 – Seinfeld stories
1:02:00 – More Seinfeld facts
1:17:25 – Jerry’s apartment and the Comedian movie
1:28:30 – Nate’s favorite episodes
1:46:50 – Why Seinfeld is so great according to Nate
1:47:25 – Mark and Brian’s favorite episodes

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