Nateland | Ep #67 – Game Shows

What’s the best way to be chosen as a contestant on The Price Is Right? Who should be the next host of Jeopardy? Is Wheel Of Fortune biased towards Southern contestants? Nate, Aaron, and Brian discuss these topics and more this week when they take on Game Shows. 

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0:00 – Comment Roundup
20:15 – MCATs, the Nate 5k and the family ancestral town
30:30 – Be Nate for Halloween
35:51 – Favorite game shows
47:40 – The Price is Right
1:03:35 – Jeopardy
1:15:18 – Game show mistakes and famous incidents
1:34:25 – What game show would you be best at?
1:41:10 – H.O.R.S.E with Breakfast and Amish Google searches

Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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Recording and Editing by Genovations Media
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