Nateland | Ep #64 – The 2000's

On this week’s podcast, we continue our look at the decades by discussing the 2000s. Nate, Aaron, and Bing Bong debate what the decade should be called, Aaron shares the qualifications for being Pope, Brian relives the Music City Miracle, and Nate ponders whether he’s qualified to participate in the Paralympics. 

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0:00 – Comment Roundup
25:28 – Weekend recap – shows, youth softball, gossip mags and more
43:42 – What do you call the 2000s decade?
48:50 – King and his Court softball team
53:53 – 2000s facts
1:00:35 – 9/11 and the Pope dies
1:11:00 – Music and sports of the 2000s
1:20:11 – The Spanish Paralympics basketball team scandal
1:25:00 – Inventions of the 2000s
1:35:44 – Top TV shows of the decade
1:41:30 – Nate’s Last Comic Standing audition
1:48:52 – Pop culture moments

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