Nateland | Ep #63 – Indiana ft. Jay Cutler

Do you know how Indiana got its name? What is its state bird? What about the state motto? We discuss none of this on this week’s podcast as we look at the great state of Indiana with special guest Jay Cutler ( We do break down Jay’s high school senior football season week by week, debate if it takes a special type of corn to make popcorn and go into great detail about Holiday World And Splashin Safari.

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0:00 – Fantasy sports, course records and roadkill
10:00 – Comment roundup
32:00 – Jay Cutler on his podcast and life in the NFL
47:47 – Jay’s hometown of Santa Claus, Indiana
55:55 – Indiana facts
1:05:40 – Indiana sports
1:15: 45 – The mechanics of throwing a football
1:17:41 – More interesting Indiana facts
1:24:30 – Famous people from Indiana
1:27:50 – Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari
1:37:39 – TV shows set in Indiana
1:44:34 – Jay’s high school football career

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