Nateland | Ep #61 – The 1990's

What’s your favorite memory of the 1990s? As we continue our look at the decades, Breakfast recalls his glory days of visiting Planet Hollywood and attending Nashville Kats arena football games, Aaron learns about Monica Seles being stabbed on the tennis court, and Nate tries unsuccessfully to pronounce hors d’oeuvres.

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0:00 – ‘What day does this come out?’
13:19 – Comment Roundup
22:00 – What Nate wears on his specials
41:39 – Horse divorce
47:10 – Our 1990s memories
58:52 – How the Nashville Predators got their name
1:07:34 – Sports stories of the 90s
1:23:10 – Biggest news stories of decade
1:26:10 – The start of the internet age
1:33:56 – Top movies, TV, books and music
1:50:15 – Most popular toys and more memorable moments of the 90s

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