Nateland | Ep #58 – The Olympics

This episode, Nate, Breakfast, and Aaron have Olympic fever. The guys question how far back in time they would have to go to win an Olympic event, what event they would choose to best blend in if they had to go undercover, how Jesus would fare in the Olympics, and incorrectly question why soccer isn’t an #Olympic sport (it is).

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0:00 – Weekend recap with Nate and Brian
16:24 – Comment roundup
49:18 – What sport would you choose if you had to fake it at the Olympics
1:01:43 – Olympic facts
1:09:00 – The Ancient Olympics
1:14:50 – The Modern Olympics
1:26:16 – Brian’s powerlifting wife
1:29:00 – Olympic memories
1:32:49 – How far would you need to go back in time to win an Olympic event?
1:40:30 – Notable Olympic moments
1:46:17 – What events should they add to the Olympics?

Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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