Nateland | Ep #50 – The Royal Family

On this week’s podcast, Nate, Brian, and Aaron learn about the royal family. The guys debate the fame of Queen Elizabeth, the proper procedure for eating with royals, and Nate breaks down the movie The King’s Speech (a movie he hasn’t seen).

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0:00 – Where are the guys at this week?
6:03 – Comment Roundup
23:28 – Comedy callbacks
35:08 – On line or In line?
37:40 – Queen Elizabeth
46:20 – The Royal Family
55:08 – The Queen doesn’t need a passport
1:05:50 – Royal Game Night
1:09:24 – The King’s Speech
1:12:25 – Royal rules
1:25:00 – More Royal rules and what happens when the Queen dies
1:33:40 – Public interest in the Royals and Princess Diana’s funeral
1:45:00 – Would you want to be a Royal?

Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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Recording and Editing by Genovations Media
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