Nateland | Ep #47 – US Presidents

This episode, we look at the history of US Presidents. Nate, Aaron, and Brian discuss topics like the smallest and largest Presidents, Andrew Jackson’s numerous duels, and William Howard Taft’s terrible toy idea.

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0:00 – Where is everyone right now?
3:30 – Comment Roundup
7:20 – The Nic Novicki basketball story
36:40 – The British Royals
41:38 – Qualifications to be US President and security protection
47:32 – The first celebrity and the Lincoln assassination
51:32 – Notable Presidential facts
59:48 – The rules of duels and Andrew Jackson
1:08:45 – Presidential looks
1:20:55 – Electricity in the White House and shot Presidents
1:25:45 – Teddy Bear and Billy Possum
1:36:40 – More interesting facts

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