Nateland | Ep #40 – The Middle Ages

On this week’s podcast, Nate, Aaron, and Brian take a trip back to Medieval Times to learn about the Middle Ages. The guys discuss famous court jesters, learn about unusual medical treatments, and discuss well known phrases that originated from the Middle Ages. 

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1:00 – Comment Roundup
20:32 – Are you middle aged?
24:20 – When were the Middle Ages?
32:44 – Court Jesters
46:09 – Court Dwarfs, Archery and golf
51:32 – The Crusades
53:00 – Famous figures of the Middle Ages
55:50 – Medical practices
1:03:08 – The Plague
1:06:30 – Medieval sayings that still exist today

Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

Podcast produced by Nateland Productions, Nate & Laura Bargatze
Recording and Editing by Genovations Media
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