Nateland | Ep #38 – Alabama ft. Dusty Slay

On this week’s episode, the¬†guys are joined by fellow comedian Dusty Slay to discuss his home state of Alabama. They discuss important moments in the state’s history like when an Alabama woman got hit by a meteorite, Dusty being stabbed by a pencil, and the last time the Harlem Globetrotters lost a game (even though that had nothing to do with Alabama).

0:22 – The Greatest Average American Netflix special
7:42 – Comment Roundup
37:20 – Dusty Slay’s old weed killer sales job
47:22 – Alabama
51:00 – Pro Wrestling legends and the Harlem Globetrotters
1:00:30 – Growing up in Alabama and youth sports
1:09:05 – ‘Normal’ Alabama stories
1:14:28 – Growing up in a trailer park
1:18:42 – Alabama facts
1:28:34 – Tornados, storms and snow days
1:34:08 – Alabama sporting history
1:41:25 – Bombing on stage
1:47:33 – Alabama landmarks and attractions
1:50:38 – Famous people from Alabama
1:59:38 – Ranking Nashville comedians
2:04:41 – Nateland Live taping and Nate’s soda challenge

Guest co-host: Dusty Slay (
Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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