Nateland | Ep #36 – Video Games

This episode, we discuss the history of video games. We’ll look at the first video games invented, share our own personal history with video games, and look at the future of video games. Of course, we also spin off into useless conversations about subjects like whether Walmart still has layaway, how many people really need a Thanksgiving turkey, and how Brian pronounces the word mature. 

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4:16 – Comment Roundup
31:21 – Our first video games memories
43:37 – History of video games
50:30 – Walmart layaway and Thanksgiving turkeys
54:30 – Golden age of video games
1:02:59 – Oregon Trail and Tetris
1:08:06 – How do you say ‘mature’?
1:14:00 – Home video game consoles
1:25:48 – Grand Theft Auto 4 and Call of Duty
1:34:09 – When the press turned negative
1:36:16 – Minecraft and Sim City
1:42:26 – The popularity of video games
1:50:17 – Best video game players
1:52:16 – The future of video games: VR and more
2:02:00 – The most famous cheat code
2:04:54 – The worst video game of all time

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Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze
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