Nateland | Ep #33 – Wall Street

If you’ve been confused about what’s been happening on Wall Street lately, you’ll be even more confused after listening to this week’s episode. The guys break down the GameStop controversy, learn about Bitcoin, and discuss the future of money. Do they get anything right? Probably not.

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0:47 – Comment Roundup
19:36 – Aaron tries to cancel his gym membership
33:45 – Wall Street, Gamestop and the stock market
44:25 – The New York stock exchange and NASDAQ
51:08 – The Dow and the value of money
1:01:43 – The Big Short and Margin Call
1:07:50 – Biggest stock market drops
1:10:14 – Bitcoin and Aaron’s Kill switch
1:25:33 – Future of money and banking
1:31:08 – Robo Advisers and the highest stock price ever
1:40:49 – Cashless society and data economy
1:44:30 – Could a robot be a comedian?

Co-hosts: Brian Bates ( & Aaron Weber (

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